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In the best interest of our pupils, families and the greater public ALL CLASSES ARE CURRENTLY SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.


The ONLINE SCHOOL is available to all pupils enrolled prior to closure. We are unfortunately not accepting new pupils at this time. 


Please stay safe, happy and healthy and adhere to the preventative measures in place! Keep your distance, stay home as much as you can, avoid public transport (wear masks if you must travel; masks are not recommended for under 6's), wash your hands - keep yourselves and those more vulnerable safe! Protect our NHS and keyworkers!

We are always here for you - please contact Miss Katy if you need anything! Xx



Summer Term

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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation we are unable to enrol new pupils at this time.


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coronavirus (covid 19) update


Re. COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Updated: 30th May 2020


Current status: KtS Dance is currently closed until further notice. 

The KtS Online School is currently open to all enrolled pupils and classes for the second half of Spring term will run online for those that wish to take part. 


Under the current government advice it is possible the in studio sessions may take place again from 4th July 2020 - however we can not make any gurantees at this stage as the situation depends very much on the government's decision on the rules that must be enforced as well as considerations related to our venue, class sizes, teachers and families.


We are keeping a close eye on the situaton and guidance and will not open our classes until we feel it is in the best interests of our pupils, families and teaching team to do so. 


Under the current guidelines it is unlikely that 'normal' classes will resume before September 2020. 



We will keep our parents updated by email and our social media pages. Parents please join the private facebook group to receive resources, videos, links, activities and additional support throughout what is going to be adifficult time for us all.  




Previous update and additional information:

We at KtS Dance are closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and aiming to keep you up to date with only official and appropriate information relating to our specific classes. 


I understand it can be a confusing and scary time for many people, especially with uncontrolled social media feeds and tabloid newspapers quite often reporting on things that are not accurate. You may have also seen that other countries' reaction to the pandemic is to go into lockdown and therefore many people are wondering why the UK is not doing the same. 


It is important to remember at this time that every country is different and we are all at different levels of the situation. 


As mentioned in my last update the UK government are currently in the ‘delay’ phase of their strategy and it is important to remember that this phase has been implemented to help ease the strain on our NHS for as long as possible. 


On 16th March they announced they will be going a step further by asking you to look out for 2 key symptoms: A new continuous cough or a high temperature and in these circumstances you MUST STAY HOME FOR 14 DAYS and limit all non-essential contact. 


On 17th March it was announed that all schools will close by the end of Friday 20th March.

We are working on contingency plans, including videos, resources, projects and online/live streaming classes which we will be offering our KtS Family through email and in our Private Facebook group. 


For Friday's class we are continuing to do everything we can to keep children and yourselves safe and healthy but we need your help! 


For this strategy to work it is vital that we - and especially those of us that are fit, healthy and under 70 years of age - continue to follow the up to date preventative measures we have been keeping you informed of in order to help protect those that are at risk of complications from the coronavirus. 


Whilst those of us who fall into the above categories, and especially children, appear to recover quickly from the condition we can still be the ones to pass on germs to those in the vulnerable and risk groups, such as the over 70’s and those with underlying health issues, not to mention those people that make up the invaluable workforce helping on the frontline, like NHS staff. If they get even a normal cold they can not work - putting more lives at risk. 


We at KtS Dance are following the guidelines of the UK authorities and in particular the advice of the NHS to help protect those people as much as we can. 


It is now even more vital that we are vigilant and I would therefore like to remind you that :


 - under no circumstances should you or your child come to classes if you are unwell in any way

 - the updated government advice is to self isolate for 14 days if you have a dry continuous cough and/or fever (Do not go to a gp, pharmacy or hospital. Only contact 111 if: If the symptoms get worse, you can not cope at home or you do not feel better after 7 days)

 - wash your hands with soap and water (for min. 20 seconds: we recommend singing the whole of Happy Birthday) before and after classes and when you get home

 - help us keep the studio and waiting room clean. If products look low inform the teaching team. Always carry your own tissues with you and hand sanitiser if possible

 - catch all coughs and sneezes in the crook of your elbow or a tissue and wash your hands afterwards


- Anyone with an obvious cold, cough or illness will be sent home and classes may need to be stopped immediately

 - Anyone from the vulnerable groups (over 65 and with underlying health conditions especially related to the immune system, respiratory conditions such as asthma or diabetes) must stay away from others as much as possible and do not come to classes

- We strongly advice you, especially those in the risk group, to avoid public transport as much as possible and always wash your hands after using


- If you need childcare it is recommended not to use grandparents (if they are over 65 and/or have health issues)


We must all work together now to keep everyone safe.


In the best interest of all our families all classes will be suspended until further notice form Saturday 21 March.  We are hoping to have show dances filmed so children can practice at home and will do all we can to support everyone during this difficult time. 



We will fully respect the wishes of anyone that decides not to attend classes on Friday 20th March and will continue to update you with the situation as it develops both here and via email. 



Our aim is to work together to do our best to keep everyone healthy whilst still creating as normal and happy an environment for the children as possible. 

Let’s sprinkle fairy dust, not germs (or panic)! 


Thank you for your cooperation with this important matter.


Please stay safe and well! 

The KtS Dance Team 



For up to date information on the coronavirus situation see here:



Current UK advice from



UK NHS information:



Merton Council updates:



WHO (read this for helpful advice on protective measures)


Link to a video from CBBC's Operation Ouch doctors to help children not to worry:



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