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In the best interest of our pupils, families and the greater public ALL CLASSES ARE CURRENTLY SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.


The ONLINE SCHOOL is available to all pupils enrolled prior to closure. We are unfortunately not accepting new pupils at this time. 


Please stay safe, happy and healthy and adhere to the preventative measures in place! Keep your distance, stay home as much as you can, avoid public transport (wear masks if you must travel; masks are not recommended for under 6's), wash your hands - keep yourselves and those more vulnerable safe! Protect our NHS and keyworkers!

We are always here for you - please contact Miss Katy if you need anything! Xx



Summer Term

Dates tbc


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation we are unable to enrol new pupils at this time.


To be added to our waiting list for when the new term commences please email









Uniform available at


The Ballet Boutique, South Wimbledon


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Tel:     07752 014 554






At all other times please send enquiries by email or leave a voicemail or text. 




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terms and conditions:

(September 2019)


By attending our classes it is understood that you continue to accept our terms and conditions. Please re-visit this page from time to time to ensure you are up to date with the current terms and conditions. Enrolled pupils will be informed of major changes via email.


Trial Class

* We offer a first trial class for a reduced fee. Parents or a responsible adult/guardian MUST remain onsite (though not necessarily in the studio) during the trial session and take full responsibility for the child/ren during this trial. 


* To attend a trial class we require the child's fullname, date of birth, medical details or other information that may affect the child in class and a contact telephone number. All information will be held in accordance with our Privacy Policy and the GDPR guidelines and destroyed accordingly should the trial class not lead to enrolment.


*Payment of the trial fee must be made prior to the session either via BACS or in cash to the teacher at the beginning of the lesson (correct money only please). 


*Further trials in the same class must be paid for at the full rate in advance.


*Trial spaces will only be held for the week prior to the class. Failure to attend does not immediately result in a trial space the following week. Please contact us to see if a space is still available should you miss your trial. 



* To proceed with enrolment a fully completed registration form must be provided for each child you are enrolling. For safety reasons we reserve the right to prevent a child from taking part in a class or event where an enrolment form (or atleast the necessary information to ensure their safety and well-being in class) has not been provided.


*It is expected that all terms and conditions and our privacy policy is read at the time of enrolment (all links are included in the enrolment form) and as such by enrolling in and/or attending our classes, workshops or events (ie performances, exam sessions) you are accepting our terms and conditions and the use of your personal details, collected in the enrolment form, in accordance with our privacy policy. 


Keeping us up to date

* IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PARENT (or pupil if independetly enrolled) TO ENSURE ALL INFORMATION IS KEPT UP TO DATE, IN PARTICULAR EMERGENCY CONTACT DETAILS, EMAIL ADDRESSES AND ANY MEDICAL CONDITION (PHYSICAL OR PSYCHOLOGICAL) OR INJURY THAT COULD EFFECT THE PUPIL'S TRAINING. Please inform the Principal and the Teacher immediately of any situations that could effect the pupil in class, such as a bereavement. All information will be handled in the strictest of confidence but allow us to ensure the safety and well-being of the child. 


Fees and Class Cancellations

* Fees are invoiced on a termly basis and are to be paid upfront in full.  We offer the option to pay in 1 full-term or 2 half-term installments, however the FULL FEE is due by the relevant invoice deadline date(s), regardless of attendance. Late fees will incur a £5.00 surcharge.


*The invoice must be paid up to the point of leaving where notice has not been given by the invoice deadline date (see Leaving the School at the bottom for further clarification).


* Pupils may be prevented in taking part in classes or events where fees have not been made by the deadline and exam results will not be issued to pupils with outstanding fees during the exam term.


* Payment plans are available and should be discussed directly with the Principal.


* After the payment deadline all relevant discounts will be lost. 


*Only one invoice is sent per term. Those choosing to pay in half-termly installments will receive a reminder prior to the next payment deadline. Reminders go out automatically at various periods until the fee has been paid in full. 


* Participation in certain events require payment of term fees to have been made in full (such as exams and performances) as well as payment of the event fee in order to take part. 


* Where notice of non-attendance to an event (such as an exam or performance) has not been made by the required date payment of the fee will be required regardless of attendance. Exceptions will be made at the discretion of the Principal only.


*Classes cancelled by KtS Dance will be made up or credited in the next invoice.

Refunds are only given at the discretion of the Principal and never where classes were cancelled due to reasons beyond our control (ie. building closure, bad weather). Siblings qualify for a 10% discount on the younger sibling’s fees (when paid on time). 


*Pupils attending more than one class will receive 10% discount on the second class (when paid on time). A 10% sibling discount will be applied to the younger child's fees.


*We reserve the right to increase fees at any time, in relation to increases in inflation, rental costs, insurances, subscriptions and other running costs related to the school. Notice of fee increases will only be given where the amount is higher than £1.00 per class.


*Legal action may be taken upon unpaid fees amounting to more than £100 and/or remaining unpaid for more than 1 year.


*Please inform the Principal of any issues that may cause delayed payment. KtS Dance will always help where we can but exceptions can only be made if we are aware of the circumstances. 



* Please ensure that all children are collected at the end of their class/es by a parent or guardian. Please notify the teacher at the start of the class if someone else will be collecting your child. KtS Dance and the invidual class teachers are only responsible for your child whilst they are in the studio.


*If you are late to collect your child they will be kept in the studio with the teacher and should be collected directly from the studio, with as little disturbance to the class in progress as possible. 


*We require written consent from the legal parent/guardian of any child under the age of 16 that is permitted to travel to and from classes alone. Without this consent a child will not be allowed to leave the venue until a parent/guardian or other authorised person above the age of 16 collects them. 


Food and Drink

* Food is not permitted in the studio.


* Pupils may bring drinks bottles – preferably containing water only – which should be placed in an appropriate place during class time and consumed only at the direction or consent of the teacher. (No fizzy drinks).


Waiting Room and Use of Venue

* A waiting room is available during most of our classes. We kindly ask that you respect the venue and those that may be working in adjoining rooms and offices. Please kindly keep noise to a minimum and always ensure you leave the room as you found it, tidying up after yourself and ensuring all rubbish is placed in the provided bins. 


* For health and safety reasons strictly NO scooters, bikes, roller skates, skateboards or similar items should be used within the hall. 


* Please ensure exits and corridors are kept clear at all times and doors are not blocked, for example by pushchairs. 


* Only use authorised doors and ensure all windows and doors are left open or closed as you find them.


* Should you notice anything out of order (a broken window or chair) or use up items in the toilets (paper towels, toilet paper) please advice a KtS Team member or contact the Principal asap. 




Uniform and Personal Belongings

* Students are expected to wear the correct uniform to class; alternative versions will not be accepted after the settling in period. Hair must be tied back neatly off the face. Jewellery and watches should not be worn in class. Dance footwear must not be worn outdoors. Items deemed unsafe will be removed.


* Mobile phones must be switched to silent and should remain in pupils' bags for the duration of the class, except in the case of an emergency. 


* Neither KtS Dance or St Mark's Family Centre/St Mark's Parish accepts responsibility for loss or damage to personal belongings whilst on the premises.



* Where appropriate, teaching staff at KtS Dance may use physical contact to support verbal instruction and corrections. Pupils will be informed of this and explained in full prior to such contact. All team members are fully DBS checked and are expected to remain up to date with child safeguarding issues and policies.


Medical/Emergency Situations

* Teaching staff at KtS Dance may administer basic first aid and seek further medical treatment if necessary. Parents must make teachers aware of any medical conditions (physical or psychological) or injury that the pupil may have and keep us informed of any changes to these conditions. Teachers are NOT obliged to deliver any first aid if they are not comfortable to do so or in circumstances that may pose a threat to the injured/ill pupil, themselves or other pupils, parents or team members in the vicinity.


* If a student is required to take medication whilst participating in KtS Dance activities, parents/guardians should take full responsibility and ensure teaching staff are properly informed and any medicines correctly labeled. No form of medication will be administered without written consent from a parent or legal guardian, which should be renewed regularly, and no KtS team member can be held liable for any issues arising from the giving of such medication. Teachers are not obliged to administer any medication or first aid they are uncomfortable with or they feel will pose a danger to themselves or others. Where the medication is potentially required for life-saving reasons (eg epi-pen for severe allergies) a responsibile parent or guardian authorised to administer this medication should remain within close proximity to the class/rehearsal venue at all times. 


* In the case of a fire the teacher takes responsibility only for pupils within the studio at the time of the emergency. The teacher will escort pupils outside to the designated evacuation meeting point (by the entrance to St Marks Primary School) where they MUST remain with the teacher until the register has been taken. Anyone in the waiting room during this time is responsible for their own safety and that of any child/persons with them at this time only. Please ensure you have read emergency signs at the hall and familiarised yourself with the designated meeting points and fire exits. Leave all belongings behind and move quickly and calmly to the evacuation point. 


Toilet Use

* Pupils that require the toilet during class will be escorted by a DBS checked team member only but they will remain outside at all times. If your child requires further assistance a parent/guardian must remain in the vicinity at all times during class. PLEASE ENSURE PUPILS HAVE BEEN TO THE TOILET PRIOR TO THE CLASS. There should be no real need for any pupil to need the toilet within class time.


*Older children (Grade 1 upwards) will be permitted to go to the toilet alone where absolutely necessary. 


Parental/Guardian Responsibility

* Each enrolled pupil is under the responsibility and consent of their legal parent/guardian only and it is up to the parent/guardian to keep us up to date with all information necessary to enrolment and participation and in regard to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the pupil at all times. 




* Any photos/videos permitted to be taken by parents during our classes or events (such as watching week) must not be posted on any public domain, such as social media, if it contains any person outside of your immediate family or videos containing choreography or music you do not own the rights to. KtS Dance take no responsibility for the misuse of such images and video and will report any misuse we are made aware of. We would like to ensure all parents (including those that can not always attend events) can share in the memories being made by their children at dancing and kindly ask for your assistance in continuing to make this possible in a safe and controlled manner that does not affect the rights or safety of others.  


Leaving the School 

* Please inform us immediately if your child wishes to leave classes. Fees will not be refunded when leaving part way through a term. Once invoices are issued payment of fees will be due regardless of attendance where noticication of leaving was not given prior to the payment due date. 



Code of Conduct and our Policies


* KtS Dance operate a strict Anti-Bullying policy and believe all members of our school, including pupils, parents, teachers, assistants, helpers and admin team, have the right to learn and teach in a safe, friendly and supportive environment. We will not tolerate any form of abuse, physical or psychological, or bullying of any kind, includng cyber bullying and trolling. ANY ISSUE SHOULD BE REPORTED IMMEDIATELY TO THE PRINCIPAL MRS KATY ATZBERGER.

We reserve the right to suspend or expel any pupil or parent that is found to be the cause of bullying or cause of any such distress on another member of the school or staff at our venues. 


* All consenting parents should keep up to date with our current Privacy Policy:​ 


* All pupils and the consenting parent/guardians of any enrolled pupil agrees to abide by the terms and conditions as stated above.


* The Principal is the only authority at KtS Dance that can make a decision about waiving any of the conditions set out above or adhere to requests related to our various policies. Therefore, any issues or concerns should be brought directly (and not via a team member or other parent) to the attention of Mrs Katy Atzberger by emailing


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