Spring Term 2024


Last dancing: Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd March


Summer Term 2024


Saturday 13th April - Friday 19th July (HalfTerm: Friday 31st May and Sarurday 1st June)


Show 2024: You Will Be Found


Saturday 20th July - Tech and Dress Rehearsals

Sunday 21st July - Show Time (matinee and evening performances)


£5 trial fee on all classes! Limited spaces apply. Book here now or email for more info.


Studio Location: St Mark's Family Centre, 28 St Mark's Road, Mitcham, CR4 2LF

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Email enquiries@ktsdance.com


Tel. 07752 014554 (email is always quicker)


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All new pupils are invited to take a trial class for just £5.00.  


To book a trial, parents/guardians must complete an enrolment form HERE, read and accept the terms and conditions and read and complete the consent form in relation to our Privacy Policy. Pupils over the age of 16 may complete their own forms and consent.


After the trial we will contact you to confirm whether you wish to proceed with enrollment. 


Once enrolled classes are invoiced on a termly basis (usually 12 weeks) which should be paid in full before commencement of the new term. Payment should be made via BACS whenever possible. A late fee will be added to any invoice unpaid after the deadline. Fees will be worked out pro rata if joining mid-term. 


Payment in 2 halfterm installments or other payment plans possible after discussion with the Principal. 



Current Fees (correct as of January 2023) - Based on a 12 week full-term (please note terms may be longer or shorter. This is for a guide only.)


Pre-Ballet/Little Stars (30 mins) - £84.00

Preliminary Ballet (Friday 40 mins) - £96.00 

Class Ballet and Tap (45 mins) - £99.00

Grade 1 Ballet (Friday) - £99.00 (with tap £114.00)

Primary Ballet, Tap and Modern (Saturday) - £114.00

Grade 3 Ballet (Friday) - £102.00 

Grade 2 (Saturday - 1 hour) - £108.00

Grade 4 upwards - £114.00

Popdance (30) - £84.00 (discounted when taken as an add-on)


Multi-class and Siblings discount available. 


(Fees are subject to increase in line with inflation, rental costs, insurance, subscriptions, music licenses etc. as necessary)





Correct attire is an important part of all KtS Dance lessons and we pride ourselves on our sense of unity which comes, in part, from having a set uniform. 


New pupils should wear loose, comfortable clothing and soft, supportive shoes such as plimsols, or bare feet, (ballet and modern only).

Disco/Street pupils may wear trainers (Bare feet and slip-on shoes are NOT appropriate for this form of dance).


Hair should be tied back in a bun or ponytail, as appropriate to the class, and where possible jewellery and other such items should be removed.


Dance shoes MUST NOT be worn outside. 


All uniform items are selected by KtS Dance for safety, comfort and aesthetic reasons and are approved by the dance assocaitions for examination entires. As such, ONLY brands recommended or sold by us should be worn. Generic or 'similar' style items are NOT acceptable and we will ask you to replace them as soon as possible. Only completely plain tights matching shoe or dress/leotard colour may be purchased elsewhere and worn during class only. Vests are NOT part of our uniform and due to the high quality, dance branded material used in all of our class leotards and dresses which are designed to keep children warm or cool as needed they do not service any purpose and as such we will ask them to be removed. 


Pupils are expected to be dressed in the correct uniform after their first half-term. Some uniform items are kept in stock so please check with the class teacher. Otherwise uniform should be ordered through the office or directly from our online supplier at www.planetdance.com. Please select the Schools/Colleges Uniform option on the left panel and click on the KtS Dance logo for our class uniform and KtS Dance leisure wear. 


For a personal shopping experience and to have your child fitted professionally please visit The Ballet Boutique, South Wimbledon who are aware of our uniform requirements and stock most items. Telephone: 020 8540 9000, email info@ballet-boutique.co.uk or visit www.ballet-boutique.co.uk


For assistance or if you would like us to order for you please email enquiries@ktsdance.com or call the school number (07752 014 554Please note; Uniform orders placed through us will not be processed by us without full payment. Items bought from school stock may vary in price from those available online.


Please go to the Uniform page for photos and info regarding specific Class Uniforms. If you are unsure please check with the office before placing any orders.  


KtS Dance T-shirts and hoodies are also available to order. Disco/Street pupils are encouraged to wear a KtS t-shirt with black or grey dance trousers or leggings and trainers or dance sneakers. However, due to the nature of this dance style, pupils may wear their own choice of clothes appropriate for dance when in class. These should be in one or more of the school colours of pink, purple, grey and black where possible. 

T-shirts and/or hoodies will be necessary when taking part in KtS Dance related performances. 




By enrolling in and/or attending our classes it is accepted that you understand and agree to follow our terms and conditions.





Class Overviews


Ballet is one of the oldest and most globally influential forms of dance. Now highly technical and with its own vocabulary, it encourages co-ordination, strength, mobility and grace. Classical ballet is considered the foundation for all other serious dance forms but is equally important for the casual dancer, improving stance and posture, physical development and body strength, spatial awareness, and introducing an appreciation of classical music.

Pre-School Ballet  classes are carefully structured through the use of imagination and stories coordinated with music and the use of simple props. Children from 3 years of age are introduced to rhythm and musicality through the use of well-known nursery rhymes and action songs whilst older children begin to learn the art of mime through stories specially designed to subtly teach pupils the technical elements of ballet all within a fun, imaginative and magical world that will have them smiling the whole class!

Pre-Primary, Primary and Graded Ballet classes are more structured to develop the technique required of ballet whilst encouraging the use of mime through improvisation and musical interpretation. Pupils are prepared for examinations following the syllabus of the NATD (National Association of Teachers of Dancing), however, pupils also benefit from free classes drawing on elements of other classical ballet syllabi such as the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) and methods such as Cecchetti and the Royal Ballet School.

Miss. Katy has privately tutored pupils whom have gained entry into the Junior and Mid-Associate programmes of the Royal Ballet, White Lodge (RBS) and several productions of the English Youth Ballet. Many former pupils are also now working as professional dancers around the world. 

Modern and Tap Dance

The backbone of musical theatre and at the core of all current dance trends, pupils study NATD Modern Stage for Examination purposes but are also taught from a variety of syllabi in order to benefit from a range of styles. The incorporation of freestyle dance encourages the development of turns, leaps and floor routines through current popular music. Children will learn a range of routines with the emphasis on performance.

Tap lessons follow the Stage branch of the NATD, which takes its roots from the American style of tap dancing, as seen in musicals such as Singing In the Rain and 42nd Street. Pupils also benefit from free lessons using music of all genres to allow them to experiment with different rhythms and styles of tap dance, such as in Tap Dogs.

Exams can be taken up to teacher qualification along with Junior and Senior Medals.


Disco/Pop Dance

Disco is an energetic class using current pop music and other catchy tunes pupils will know and love!

This class is great for fun and fitness, and may be taken casually or with the view to taking exams.

The children may take exams starting with basic one-dance tests, moving up to grades, various medals and through to teacher qualifications.


Street Dance

Street dancing is one of the latest crazes in dance. An energetic and fast paced class, it incorporates moves from the 'street' with elements of hip-hop, funk and R 'n' B, carefully choreographed to songs which incorporate modern trends in dance music.

This is a fun class designed to teach the types of 'music video' moves made famous by stars such as Justin Timberlake, Diversity and Cheryl Cole.



Triple Threat/Musical Theatre Workshops

Periodically, and during the holidays, we shall hold performance-based workshops teaching the three main elements of the performing arts: Singing, Acting and Dancing.

Workshops will be inspired by West End and Broadway musicals, tv shows such as Glee and Smash and current popular trends in music, dance and drama. Guest teachers and choreographers will be invited to hold parts or all of these workshops.


Adult Classes

If the interest arises we can also offer Adult classes in the following subjects: Ballet, Tap, Modern, Street and Dancercise.

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