Spring Term 2024


Last dancing: Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd March


Summer Term 2024


Saturday 13th April - Friday 19th July (HalfTerm: Friday 31st May and Sarurday 1st June)


Show 2024: You Will Be Found


Saturday 20th July - Tech and Dress Rehearsals

Sunday 21st July - Show Time (matinee and evening performances)


£5 trial fee on all classes! Limited spaces apply. Book here now or email for more info.


Studio Location: St Mark's Family Centre, 28 St Mark's Road, Mitcham, CR4 2LF

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Email enquiries@ktsdance.com


Tel. 07752 014554 (email is always quicker)


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Office hours:

Monday-Friday 8am - 4pm





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terms and conditions:

Updated: September 2022


It is understood that by attending our classes you continue to agree and adhere to these (and any updated) terms and conditions and class procedures, as well as our general procedures and policies, including our Code of Conduct, kept updated on our website here.


It is the responsibility of the enrolling parent/guardian to ensure we are kept up to date with any changes provided within the enrollment form (ie contact details, medical information etc).


Trial Class 

  1. We offer up to 2 trial classes at the reduced fee of £5 per class, payable via bank transfer prior to attending. 

  2. We must have the relevant identification (name, dob), contact and health information prior to attendance therefore please ensure the relevant booking or enrolment form has been fully completed by the authorised guardian/parent. (All information will be held in accordance with our Privacy Policy and the GDPR guidelines and destroyed accordingly should the trial class not lead to enrolment.)

  3. Failure to attend your trial does not immediately result in a trial space the following week. Please contact us to see if a space is still available should you miss your trial. An additional fee may apply. 



  1. To proceed with enrolment a fully completed registration form must be provided for each child you are enrolling. For safety reasons we reserve the right to prevent a child from taking part in a class or event where an enrolment form (or atleast the necessary information to ensure their safety and well-being in class) has not been provided.


Term Fees

  1. Fees are invoiced on a termly basis and are to be paid upfront in full.  We offer the option to pay in 1 full-term or 2 half-term installments, however the FULL FEE is due by the relevant deadline date(s), regardless of attendance or if you leave mid-term. Late fees will incur a £5.00 surcharge. 

  2. We reserve the right to suspend your child’s classes or prevent a child from participating in planned events/performances until term fees have been paid.

  3. All payments must be made via bank transfer (as detailed on your invoice).

  4. We reserve the right to remove discounts where payment has not been made by the payment deadline. 

  5. We reserve the right to increase fees at any time, in relation to increases in inflation, rental costs, insurances, subscriptions and other running costs related to the school. We endeavour to give atleast a half-term’s notice of fee increases. Notice of fee increases will only be given where the amount is higher than 50p per class.

  6. Please inform the Principal of any issues that may cause delayed payment. KtS Dance will always help where we can but exceptions can only be made if we are aware of the circumstances. 


Discounts, Refunds and Cancellations/Missed classes

  1. We offer a 10% sibling discount (applied to the younger siblings invoice).

  2. We offer a multi-class discount of 10% (applied to the additional class only).

  3. We regret that there  will be no refunds or credits for classes missed (eg due to illness/holiday/birthday parties etc.) or cancelled due to reasons of force majeure or situations beyond our control (eg adverse weather etc). Should you miss a class please contact the office and we will endeavour to offer a courtesy make up class, either in person or online.   

  4. Should sessions be cancelled or the studio closed due directly or indirectly to covid-19 all classes will transfer to online sessions via Zoom, following the same timetable as sessions in studio.

  5. Classes cancelled directly by KtS Dance (outside of the above situations) will be made up or credited in the next term.


Leaving, waiting lists and transfers

  1. Please notify us as soon as possible if your child wishes to leave. Any invoices already issued will be due, regardless of attendance, unless you have informed us prior to the invoice due date. An admin fee will still apply where the invoice has been issued. 

  2. Enrollment is considered ongoing unless we are informed otherwise. Invoices for the new term are issued at the end of the previous term. Therefore if your child decides during the holidays they are not returning please inform us prior to the new term commencing, and no later than the invoice due date. An admin fee may still apply where invoices have been issued.

  3. KtS Dance is GDPR compliant. Paper enrolment forms will be shredded on leaving the school, database information will be archived for 1 year incase of return and then deleted (unless you request deletion earlier). After this time only information required for legal reasons, including child protection/safeguarding laws, or for tax purposes will be kept longer. Should your child wish to return after 1 year they will need to re-enrol.  

  4. If you would like to transfer to a different KtS Dance class/day please notify the office. Fees in this case can also be transferred. If the new class rate is higher the fee difference will apply. Where the fee is lower the difference will be used to cover admin costs and will not be credited or refunded.

  5. If your child is on a waiting list this does not guarantee a place in a particular session.

  6. We offer wait list places in the following order; a) a current pupil that needs to move up a level b) transfers c) new students on the waiting list.


Uniform/KtS Dance Merchandise

  1. All classes have a set uniform and pupils are expected to be in the correct attire by the end of their first half term or within 4 weeks of joining. 

  2.  Any uniform or merchandise items purchased directly via the school (including second hand items) must be paid for in full prior to collection.

  3. Only items on our uniform list (issued at the time of enrollment) are permitted for classes, exams and performances. Please use our recommended stockists where possible, this ensures children are wearing items safe for their development and comfort.

  4. Hair should be tied neatly off the face and appropriate for the style of class being taken (ie bun for ballet, ponytail for tap).

  5. Dance shoes should not be worn outside (except for approved performances as necessary).

  6. Jewellary and watches should not be worn. Teachers will ask that items deemed unsafe be removed. KtS Dance accept no responsibility for damage or loss of such items. Do not bring items of value to class. 


Drop Off and Collection

  1. Please ensure children are dropped off and collected promptly - taking into account changing time if needed. Only 1 parent should accompany a child onsite and only the parents of pre-school pupils are encouraged to remain in the waiting room at this time.

  2. We require written consent from the legal parent/guardian of any child under the age of 16 that is permitted to travel to and from classes alone. Without this consent a child will not be allowed to leave the venue until a parent/guardian or other authorised person above the age of 16 collects them. KtS Dance will not take any responsibility for a child that leaves alone. 

  3. Please notify the teacher at the start of class if someone different from normal will be collecting your child.

  4. If you are going to be late the child will remain in the studio with the teacher until you arrive. Please knock directly on the studio door for collection.

  5. Please inform us in writing if there is someone that is not allowed to collect your child. 


Toilet Use

  1. PLEASE ENSURE PUPILS HAVE BEEN TO THE TOILET PRIOR TO THE CLASS. There should be no real need for any pupil to use the toilet within class time. Where absolutely necessary a DBS checked team member will escort pupils to the toilet but remain outside. Where a child is unable to go to the toilet alone a parent/guardian should remain on site to be called upon where needed.

  2. You understand and agree that older children (Grade 1 upwards) are permitted to go to the toilet alone. 



  1. Food is not permitted in the studio.

  2. Pupils may bring drinks bottles – preferably non-fizzy – which should be placed in an appropriate place during class time and consumed only at the direction or consent of the teacher.

  3. Mobile phones must be switched to silent and should remain in pupils' bags for the duration of the class, except in the case of an emergency. 

  4.  Neither KtS Dance or St Mark's Family Centre/St Mark's Parish accepts responsibility for loss or damage to personal belongings whilst on the premises.


Medical/Emergency Situations

  1.  Team members at KtS Dance may administer basic first aid and seek further medical treatment if necessary. Parents must make teachers aware of any medical conditions (physical or psychological) or injury that the pupil may have and keep us informed of any changes to these conditions. Teachers are not obliged to deliver any first aid if they are not comfortable to do so or in circumstances that may pose a threat to the injured/ill pupil, themselves or other pupils, parents or team members in the vicinity. 

  2. KtS Team members will not administer any medication (unless they are specifically trained to do so). Where the medication is potentially required for life-saving reasons (eg epi-pen for severe allergies) a responsible parent or guardian authorised to administer this medication should remain within close proximity to the class/rehearsal venue at all times.

  3. Where allergy kits, epi pens etc need to be left on site these should be clearly named and given to the teacher to put out of reach of children.  Full, clear written information should be provided. 

  4. In the case of a fire the teacher takes responsibility only for the pupils in class/within the studio at the time of the emergency. The teacher will escort pupils outside to the designated evacuation meeting point (by the entrance to St Marks Primary School) where they MUST remain with the teacher until the register has been taken. Anyone in the waiting room during this time is responsible for their own safety and that of any child/persons with them at this time only. Please ensure you have read emergency signs at the hall and familiarised yourself with the designated meeting points and fire exits. Leave all belongings behind and move quickly and calmly to the evacuation point. 



  1. Only the teacher and principal can advise when a child is ready to be entered for an examination. Emails will be sent with full information at this time, including which exams are being entered and the relevant fee. 

  2. Exams are optional but you must inform us by the deadline given if your child is not taking part or the fee will apply.

  3. Exam fees must be paid in full by the deadline on the invoice and prior to the exam. Examination results will not be given out without receipt of full payment and we reserve the right to withdraw examination entries or  withhold results where term fees are overdue.

  4. Once entered there will be no refund should your child miss the exam. (Under exceptional circumstances it may be possible to hold your payment on account for the next exam session).

  5. Parents are not allowed to stay onsite during examination sessions. (Exceptions may be made for younger pupils at the discretion of the Principal only).


Parental/Guardian Responsibility

  1. To make sure all contact details are up to date and provide several contact numbers in the unlikely case of an emergency.

  2. To make the teacher aware of unusual circumstances that may affect the student’s well being i.e. injury, death of a family member, divorce or any other situation without meaning to be intrusive.

  3. Any medical or other condition, i.e. any learning difficulties, nut allergy sufferer, epileptic, asthma, diabetic, etc. that the teacher should be aware of.

  4. Any other conditions/situations  that may need special attention.



  1. All teachers are fully qualified and/or professionally trained to teach, hold enhanced DBS checks, safeguarding training and public liability insurance. Teachers are expected to hold or have up to date knowledge of first aid and have ongoing training and support from the school and Principal.

  2. Due to the nature of teaching dance sometimes it may be necessary to support verbal instruction by correcting dance positions physically. This is always conducted with the utmost of care and professionalism and only with the child’s permission. 

  3. We reserve the right to cancel or make changes to (ie venue/times) any classes up to and including the date the activity starts. If this occurs we will endeavour to give as much notice as possible and provide an alternative or refund fees as appropriate.

  4. We, nor St Marks Family Centre, accept any responsibility for loss or damage of any personal property.   

  5. We do not accept responsibility for loss or expenses due to circumstances beyond our control including but not limited to transport, fire, weather and other such actions. 

  6. Parents and pupils must adhere to their responsibilities as listed in these terms and conditions and our code of conduct

  7. We do not accept liability for death or personal injury to any child attending class. 

  8. KtS Dance adheres to the government and WHO guidelines in relation to covid-19 and will have necessary procedures in place. KtS Dance take no responsibility for any spread of infection or contraction of covid-19.  


Health and Safety

  1. NO scooters, bikes, roller skates, skateboards or similar items should be used in the building or brought inside at all where possible.. 

  2. Please ensure exits and corridors are kept clear at all times and doors, cupboards, fire extinguishers and emergency exits  are not blocked, for example by pushchairs. 

  3. Pupils and their families are not permitted to use the kitchen at any time. Should your child require their bottle filling please ask a KtS team member.

  4. Should you notice anything out of order (a broken window or chair) or used up items in the toilets (paper towels, toilet paper) please advice a KtS Team member or contact the Principal.

  5. Only enrolled pupils and their parents/guardians, team members and authorised St Marks staff are allowed entry to the building during class times. Please inform the Principal immediately if you see anyone inside the building that should not be there.

  6. Pupils must not enter or leave the studio area unless instructed to do so by the teacher.

  7. All pupils below Grade 1 must be escorted to and from the studio by a teacher/team member.





  1. Any photos/videos permitted to be taken by parents during our classes or events (such as watching week) must not be posted on any public domain, such as social media, if it contains any person outside of your immediate family or videos containing choreography or music you do not own the rights to. KtS Dance take no responsibility for the misuse of such images and video and will report any misuse we are made aware of. We would like to ensure all parents (including those that can not always attend events) can share in the memories being made by their children at dancing and kindly ask for your assistance in continuing to make this possible in a safe and controlled manner that does not affect the rights or safety of others.  

  2. Any photos/videos taken and/or shared by KtS team members will be done so in accordance with GDPR guidelines and child safeguarding and for the purpose of learning, pupil development or supporting the school only. All such photos/recordings are only used on social media, our website, general media etc where consent has been explicitly given. 

  3. When families are permitted to watch a class/rehearsal, our teachers will ask all those present for their permission to film/photograph. If you do not wish for your child to be involved our teachers/team members will endeavour to find a suitable compromise to everyone’s wishes. Any photos/videos taken during this must only be posted or shared publicly where consent has been given by all those in the image/recording. Kts Dance choreography should not be shared publicly due to copyright/intellectual property laws. We will report anyone abusing rules of safeguarding and/or copyright. 


Code of Conduct and our Policies

  1. KtS Dance operate a strict Anti-Bullying policy and believe all members of our school, including pupils, parents, teachers, assistants, helpers and admin team, have the right to learn and teach in a safe, friendly and supportive environment. We will not tolerate any form of abuse, physical or psychological, or bullying of any kind, including cyber bullying and trolling. ANY ISSUE SHOULD BE REPORTED IMMEDIATELY TO THE PRINCIPAL MRS KATY ATZBERGER. 

  2. We reserve the right to suspend or expel any pupil or parent that is found to be the cause of bullying or cause of any such distress on another member of the school or staff at our venues. 

  3. All consenting parents/guardians should keep up to date with our current policies HERE and our Code of Conduct. 

  4. All pupils and the consenting parent/guardians of any enrolled pupil agrees to abide by the terms and conditions as stated above, all updates, procedures and policies. 

  5. The Principal is the only authority at KtS Dance that can make a decision about waiving any of the conditions set out above (except where determined by law) or adhere to requests related to our various policies. Therefore, any issues or concerns should be brought directly (and not via a team member or other parent) to the attention of Mrs Katy Atzberger by emailing enquiries@ktsdance.com



  1. KtS Dance is following all government guidelines in regard to covid-19 in order to keep our pupils and team members safe. You will be informed of the current (if any) covid procedures prior to joining and/or with any changes. All covid procedures must be adhered to. 

  2. You agree that if your child (or anyone in your household) is ill, especially with the symptoms of covid-19, they will not attend class.



Please inform us if you would not like to receive any newsletters or marketing material.

KtS Dance reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time for the benefit of the business, team or participants. Please keep yourself updated here.


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