Spring Term 2024


Last dancing: Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd March


Summer Term 2024


Saturday 13th April - Friday 19th July (HalfTerm: Friday 31st May and Sarurday 1st June)


Show 2024: You Will Be Found


Saturday 20th July - Tech and Dress Rehearsals

Sunday 21st July - Show Time (matinee and evening performances)


£5 trial fee on all classes! Limited spaces apply. Book here now or email for more info.


Studio Location: St Mark's Family Centre, 28 St Mark's Road, Mitcham, CR4 2LF

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Email enquiries@ktsdance.com


Tel. 07752 014554 (email is always quicker)


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Monday-Friday 8am - 4pm





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Code of conduct

Updated: September 2022


For all students and parents/guardians at KtS Dance.

The aim of KtS Dance is to ensure that all students experience dance in a fun, friendly, positive and safe environment. In order to achieve this, please take note of the following guidelines. We would like to stress that these points are of great importance in assuring the wellbeing of all students in the School.

Rules and Regulations

Customer Incidents

KtS staff will not tolerate any aggressive or abusive behaviour from our customers. All customer incidents will be reported and investigated accordingly.
Any customer with three of more incidents reported within any given term may result in being asked to leave the school.


It is vital that students arrive in good time. If students are late for class they may miss important information and impede the learning of others and may also miss their warm-up which is vital for their physical wellbeing and class preparation. 


Regular attendance is extremely important. If students do not attend on a regular basis then the development of the class and the individual student will be affected. Exam students’ attendance will be monitored as they prepare for their examinations and assessments, and students who fail to attend classes and additional lessons may be withdrawn. (If there are extenuating circumstances preventing regular attendance please speak to the Principal, Mrs Katy Atzberger).

It is equally important that pupils taking part in shows and performances attend regularly and in particular the additional rehearsals. Dress and theatre rehearsals are mandatory so that children are properly prepared before they perform to a live audience. 



Pupils are expected to behave in an orderly, civilised and well-mannered way and to show respect to their teachers, KtS Team Members and their fellow students when attending the Dance School. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations may result in withdrawal from the Dance School.


It is extremely important that students come to classes dressed in full Dance School uniform in order to be able to work correctly and safely in class and present a neat and elegant appearance that encourages both comfort, safety and team work. 

We ask that all students make a concerted effort to come to class wearing a bun or headband for shorter hair (Ballet) and a bun/headband or other neat hairstyle such as a ponytail for Tap and Modern.

For safety reasons pupils should avoid wearing jewellary during dance class. Small stud earrings are acceptable. Teachers will instruct items deemed unsafe to be removed.  


Students should only get changed in the designated changing areas. Only 1 parent (of younger pupils only) should assist children changing. Those over 16 (particularly males) may be asked to vacate the changing area for the comfort of changing pupils. Please do not take offence.

Personal Property

Students should make sure that they keep their valuable personal items with them at all times. KtS Dance and St Marks Family Centre regrets that we cannot be held responsible if items go missing.

Mobile phones and other devices must be switched off during class and must remain in bags.

Remuneration and Fees 

As per the Dance School Terms and Conditions; fees must be paid before the student’s first class of each term with the final amount paid no later than the first day of the second half of term when paying in installments. Please adhere to the invoice deadline and details and make the Principal aware of any issues or concerns that could prevent payment being made on time. We are always happy to discuss a payment plan and will always be discreet but exceptions can not be made without prior knowledge of the situation. 

Failure to do so will, in the first instance, result in a late fee. Further or repeated late payments may result in pupils being prevented from taking part in events, performances and exams or withdrawal from Dance School classes until payment has been received. 

We are here to help children dance, regardless of financial circumstance, so please always contact the Principal before issues have time to escalate.

Data Protection Policy/GDPR

KtS team members are not at liberty to enter into conversation with or disclose any information relating to other Dance School students or their guardians/parents. Student’s information is confidential and retained by the Dance School in accordance with our Data Protection Policy and inline with the GDPR regulations.

Health and Safety

  • It is essential that students are in the right place at the right time – if students are late for class they may miss vital information and will impede the learning of others and place themselves at risk of injury should they miss the warm up section of the class.

  • It is important that students always keep themselves warm between classes in order to protect against injury.

  • Students should drink plenty of water and ensure they keep their energy levels up by eating a healthy snack in between classes. Please adhere to any allergy guidelines (ie if a child in your class has a peanut allergy) for your class/group. Food is not permitted in the studio.

  • If students hurt themselves in class or feels unwell at any point, they should tell their teacher or a team member immediately.

  • Teachers should be informed of any medical conditions, injuries (however minor) or other physical and psychological situations (a recent death, bullying in school, friend moving) that may impact a child in class. 

  • KtS Dance hires studio space from community centres and schools, these are a work place and respect must be given to all staff on the premises.

  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises.

  • No games are permitted in the car parks or outside areas of the premises. 

  • Parents/guardians are asked to drive carefully when dropping off and collecting their children from classes.

  • Children’s scooters, skate boards and roller skates must not be ridden anywhere inside the building or directly outside within the gates. 

  • Pushchairs, scooters etc must not be left anywhere that can block a door, cupboard, access to another room or emergency exit

  • Parents, guardians and visitors should familiarise themselves with the nearest fire exit. 

  • Teachers will direct class to the nearest fire exit and meeting point in the event of fire alarm activation. The fire evacuation procedure is posted on signage around all studios. At St Marks the meeting point is in front of the carpark gate at St Marks Primary School , directly opposite the centre.  

  • Please ensure that fire exits are kept clear at all times.

  • Parents and pupils are not permitted to use the kitchen at St Marks. Please speak to a team member if you require something (ie water bottle refilled).


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